The beginnings of our company go back to 1969 when the first two freight vehicles were purchased by Albin and Ivan. Beginnings in 1969; 50 year tradition of our company.

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Our beginnings

50 year tradition of our company.

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Our beginnings

In 1969, the two brothers Albin and Ivan KLAUT purchased two freight vehicles with a 10-ton load capacity and began an independent entrepreneurial path at the home address at the Cvetlična ulica  in Šempeter pri Gorici.

In the seventies they carried out most transport for  the construction company SGP Gorica according to the needs of that time. With the opening of ABK–a new factory of reinforced concrete constructions–,  the need for extraordinary transport with a cargo exceeding 33m emerged. Most of these transports were carried out by brothers KLAUT all over the former Yugoslavia.

The founding of the company

In the eighties, they also introduced sons, who continued the family tradition of transport, into business and work. In 2001 with the successful management of independent entrepreneurship, their successors decided to unite their capacities and set up the PREVOZNOŠTVO KLAUT  D.O.O company which is now based in the international border crossing in Vrtojba. Since then the company has only been growing, in 2010 the number of employees exceeded 50 people, today the company employs more than 100 people.


Prevozništvo KLAUT d.o.o.

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